Our Story

Ashley McCain and Blythe McCain owners Cecil and Lou

Cecil and Lou delivers the finest quality at an affordable price! We specialize in hand smocked dresses, bubbles, jon-jons, swimsuits, and other accessories for the little ones in your life. Cecil and Lou captures the tradition of classic children’s clothing while also adding a modern touch.

We are lifelong friends and sister-in-laws, who even share the same birthday, but what we have in common doesn’t stop there. We are wives, mothers, deeply involved in our community, and proud business owners of Cecil and Lou!

Ashley recently celebrated 15 years of marriage and is the mother of two precious children — Louise (7th grade), and James (2nd grade). Blythe has been married for 13 years and has four sweet children — Cecilia (5th grade), Eliza (3rd grade), and Loggins (1st grade) and Tommy (Pre-K).

After becoming mothers, we quickly realized how much we loved outfitting our children in classic southern clothing. In 2011, we were both working outside of the home, and we saw an opportunity to work, but still be home with our kids by starting a children’s clothing company. Keeping the theme of our new venture in mind, that May we named the business Cecil and Lou — inspired by our children! We also place value in employing mothers and fathers who can work from home, so they can share in the opportunity.

Ashley is a Texas Tech Marketing graduate, and Blythe graduated from Texas Christian University with a degree in Communications, so together, we make the perfect team!

Because we are family, we greatly enjoy traveling to the beach together and other family-oriented events. Sometimes we even get the pleasure of seeing little ones out on the beach wearing Cecil and Lou summer wear!

Running this business, the opportunity to interact with our customers, and seeing photos of our tiny customers wearing Cecil and Lou favorites is one of our greatest joys.

Local and National Organizations near and dear to our hearts:

  • Tyler Independent School District
  • All Saints Episcopal School
  • Junior League of Tyler
  • Texas Rose Festival
  • UT Health East Texas
  • American Cancer Society
  • Bethesda Health Clinic
  • Child’s Advocacy Center
  • Little League Baseball

"We hope you enjoy shopping with us and we look forward to outfitting your children for years to come. XOXOXO!"