Classic Monogrammed Baby Gifts

Classic Monogrammed Baby Gifts

Cecil & Lou Jan 26th 2022

Is there a new baby in your life?


There are so many things to buy for a baby these days that the top ten list of "must-haves" could make your head spin.

But you and I both know that when it comes down to it, all the flashy new gadgets can't replace the fact that BABY HAS TO WEAR SOMETHING!

So before you get caught up in trying to figure out which stroller or nursery system you want, it's crucial to make sure that the special baby in your life has what they need to be warm, safe, and secure at home.

One of the most important things that parents get to do is NAME their child, and what better way to honor that significance than with a monogrammed baby gift?

Outfitting a new baby in monogrammed gifts is a unique way to up-level a very genuine need.

Baby's need to be welcomed.

A monogrammed outfit highlights the treasure of that unique little person. These classy items can be heirloomed in a shadow box or saved for future babies but giving a monogrammed gift is the best way to acknowledge and celebrate a new baby and their name.

Must-Have Monogrammed Baby Gifts:

The Layette Box Blanket Edition

The Layette Box - Blanket Edition

Hands-down, the best-personalized baby gift to give is the Blanket Edition of the Layette Box.

Each box contains a beanie, infant gown, and baby blanket, meaning Baby would be getting a complete personalized outfit for a day on the town or a night in bed. The polka dot pattern is classic and timeless, with color choices of pink and blue and a customization option for the monogram itself.

This gift is perfect for everyday function in those first few days.

Nobody wants to deal with snaps and buttons for those 2 am feedings and diaper changes! Gowns keep babies comfortable and are a huge help to Momma and Daddy too. 

Monogrammed White Eyelet Bloomer

Baby Bloomers

These Baby Bloomers are one of the cutest customized gifts we've seen anywhere.

The white eyelet lace trim at the legs and the monogram on the rump make for a perfect newborn gift.

We envision these bloomers being worn for a christening underneath the gown, a newborn photo shoot, or for an everyday look.

However, you choose to style this piece, this adorable baby gift is an excellent option for an affordable present with a personal, loving touch.

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Baby Girl

White Knit Pink Trim Monogrammed Baby Gown

White and Pink Pima Baby Gown

The White and Pink Pima Baby Gown is a simple white gown with pink frill trim and a classic monogram that is darling and timeless; we had to include it as the perfect personalized gift for a newborn baby girl.

Although the gown is simple and practical, the monogram and tasteful trim sets the sweetest tone and makes a lovely gift for that precious girl.

Even if you can't give baby a warm hug in person, you can smile knowing that she'll be wrapped in the softest Pima cotton of this gown lovingly gifted by you.

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Baby Boy

Blue Knit Golf Zipper Pajamas

The Blue Knit Golf Zipper Pajamas are a pair of pajamas you can't miss out on.

These footie-pajamas feature a cute solid-colored front pocket with button details and, of course, a beautiful classic monogram.

The vintage-inspired golf cart and golf ball print pairs perfectly with the timeless monogram on the front. In addition, these pajamas come in a multitude of sizes, so you can use this gift as a closet staple as the new baby boy starts to grow!

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So far, you've read about the best-monogrammed gifts for a new baby, but what if your numbers are doubled?

All the more reason for gorgeous, monogrammed gifts!

Twins mean double the fun, but when babies are small, you might be doing "double takes" even if they aren't identical!

Monogrammed gifts are especially helpful for parents of twins keeping track of "who's who." Knowing that the babies have a lovingly embroidered monogram on their outfits is a classy way to introduce each child to the world.

It's also important for twins to have individual pictures of themselves. As they grow older, they know they have their OWN identity...monogrammed gifts help reinforce their uniqueness (even if they do everything with their twin).

Capturing pictures of your twins in monogrammed outfits both together and on their own will timelessly honor their individuality.

Big Brother/Big Sister

Blue Swiss Dot Smocked Big Brother Short Set

Blue Swiss Dot Smocked Big Sister Dress

With a new baby coming into the house, you might have a child upgrading to older sibling status.

It is essential to let this new big brother or sister show off their pride for their little sibling while simultaneously sending them loving attention to say that big brother or big sister is still loved and valued.

Getting a monogrammed gift for the newborn almost goes without saying, and sending a monogrammed gift for the older sibling can be a special treat for someone who is adjusting to their new role.

The Blue Swiss Dot Mocked Big Brother Set and The Blue Swiss Dot Mocked Big Sister dress is adorable for that brand new big brother or sister.

The design and pattern match the Layette box mentioned above, creating the most picturesque matching set for the family. Creating memories for freshly minted older siblings is always important and so precious.

Giving a customized gift reminds that big brother or big sister that they are important too...and outfitting the new family in traditional monogrammed outfits commemorates the new chapter for the whole family.


Monogrammed baby gifts are the answer if you are looking for a classy, timeless, and functional wardrobe to celebrate the newest addition to your family.

Outfitting your child with a monogrammed gift celebrates the heritage and legacy of your family values while creating picture-perfect postcard-worthy family memories.