Smocked Baby Clothes in the Classic Southern Style

Smocked Baby Clothes in the Classic Southern Style

Cecil & Lou Jan 27th 2022

Here are 4 examples of Southern Children's clothing that will have your little one looking their cutest in the Southern Classic style. It's time to find some traditional Baby clothes that bring joy to you, baby, and everyone around you.

When it comes to dressing your little one, Southern Classic children's clothing is a must for the discerning parent. Traditional designs with sewing methods like smocking have been around for decades and still look darling on your little ones. Whether it be a precious gift for a special occasion or an outfit to add to your collection, smocked baby clothing is a choice that your little one and parents will absolutely love.

Now, we all know smocking when we see it, but did you know that this beautiful embellishment has it's roots in functional style? Smocking is an embroidery technique used to gather fabric so that it can stretch. It is most commonly used in areas where buttons were historically placed like necklines, cuffs, and bodices. In addition, it was often a symbol of status, especially for those with more intricate embroidery designs.

Here are four examples of traditional Southern Classic smocked outfits for your little ones that have us raving!

Holiday Themed Smocked Children's Outfits

Everyone needs a beautiful day dress for the holiday season that can be worn both for everyday wear and dressed up for a special occasion, so what better way to accomplish that than with some holiday-themed classic children's clothes?

The smocked detailing is just the icing on the cake, and your little one will be looking as precious as can be!

Green Corduroy Smocked Ornaments Dress

The Green Corduroy Dress is perfect for a little girl during the holiday season. The corduroy is a beautiful deep green, and it's the perfect material to keep your baby warm for the winter months. The neckline of this dress features a peter pan collar, and the mid-section has ornament embroidered detailing over the smocking that adds a sweet holiday touch perfect for any special occasion.

Red Corduroy Smocked Long Romper

Staying in the mood for our love for corduroy, we've got our Red Corduroy Smocked Long Romper. This daytime play outfit or special occasion outfit is the perfect long-legged romper for any child who can dress up, stay warm, and still have a little bit of fun over the holidays. The romper features a beautiful red smock at the top of the garment, with just a bit above the waist and some pleating down the long red legs of the piece. Additionally, the garment features a peter pan collar that ties the whole bit together. What a cutie your little one will be in this piece!

Smocked Sets for your Everyday Outfits

Sometimes we all need a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. My grandmother always said that if the kids are driving you crazy, give 'em a bath and put them in something cute, and it will make EVERYONE feel better. This is a great go-to outfit to keep your little angels looking as sweet as can be with minimal effort. There's no need to think of any extravagant additions or accessories with these beautiful traditional sets because they're already chosen for you! These sets look great and are comfortable for everyday life.

Pink Floral Smocked Bloomer Set

This Pink Floral Smocked Bloomer set is absolutely darling for your little girl. The unique pattern for the bloomers paired with the slight smocking detailing at the shirt's collar is darling and a perfect representation of classic southern style. The long sleeves are lovely for that cooler weather and keep your little girl looking as sweet as can be.

Red Windowpane Smocked Polo Short Set

We love the Windowpane Apple embroidery detailing on the Red Windowpane Smocked Polo Short set. The cute button-down makes this outfit perfect for any special occasion or even school! The almost gingham patterned shorts are a stylish addition for running around and fun your little one has throughout his day! This outfit is suitable for everyday life or a special occasion and is such a beautiful use of its detailed smocking!

Smocked Clothing for the Newborn in your Life

Now that you have a few examples of adorable pieces with smocked detailing for those special holidays and everyday activities, why not include clothing for the new babies in your life? This new addition to your family is so special and precious, which means they deserve the best of the best when it comes to their clothes and special occasions. These traditional outfits are perfect for any event and are a timely memento to remember your little one's newborn days.

Blue Smocked Sailboats Pima Baby Gown

Our first newborn smocked outfit is the Blue Smocked Sailboats Pima Baby gown. Our favorite details are the collar and sweet smocking around the midsection of the piece. The sailboats are charming embroidered details that bring a side of playfulness to the garment, perfect for your little one and their first days in the family! The gown is designed as a baby gown, so it has easy access for those newborn diaper changes. Just throw on some adorable socks and a hat, and you're good to go!

Pink Smocked Pima Baby Gown

The Pink Smocked Pima Baby Gown is hands down one of our favorite newborn baby girl outfits in our Smocked collection. The frilled collar and cuffs, the vibrant pink, and the gorgeous smocking topped with a delicate embroidered rosette design is everything you'll want. Again, just like the Baby Gown above, it's designed with your newborn's comfort in mind. It's the perfect gift that focuses on functionality for your traditional baby clothing styles.

The Best Smocked Outfits for your Little Matching Siblings

No matter how old your little ones are, they should always have a go-to matching outfit for special occasions or everyday wear. Cecil and Lou's Smocked collection features the cutest traditionally Southern Classic designs for the little brothers and sisters in your life. So whether it be for everyday wear, a special occasion, or your Christmas photos, these adorable pieces are perfect for you. Note: there are more variations on the "Big/Little Sister" and "Big/Little Brother" embroidered customization options, so make sure to check Cecil and Lou's Smocked collection page out for them.

Blue Pique Dot Smocked Big Sister Dress

This Blue Pique Dot Smocked Big Sister Dress is one of the cutest traditionally Southern Classic dresses available. The neckline and shoulders feature gorgeous smocking and large print embroidery spelling "Big Sister." The smocked cuffs are a beautiful addition to the piece, and the small dotted print brings the entire look together in a classy way.

Blue Smocked Little Brother Long Romper

This Little Brother Long Romper is the sweetest little romper for your little boy. The smocking at the mid-section and large print "Little Brother" matches the rest of the sibling's collection, making it an easy piece to pair with another. This romper is the perfect definition of comfort and versatility as it can be worn for any occasion, big or small, and will look absolutely darling on your matching little siblings.

Classic Southern Style Clothes are a timeless addition to any child's wardrobe. Whether you save the look for special occasions or choose to dress your little one in traditional styles all year long, you are sure to get compliments around every corner when your child is wearing smocked baby clothes from Cecil and Lou.